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How to make your business stand out from your competitors on Instagram?

Social media is the principal engagement area for the world population. We use the internet and social media websites to get information, news, buy and sell things, advertise and offer services. These platforms have become essentials for business growth. That is why more and more freelancers are inverting in advertising their services or productions on these platforms rather than in traditional ways. Instagram is the most engaged platform at the moment. Studies show that brands have high demand among Instagram users. Moreover, Instagram can make your offer reach the audience that is interested in it. In other words, Instagram finds the target customer for your business.

Nevertheless, there is big competitiveness in this platform and it is unclear how you can make your business stand out from your competitors on Instagram.

Competitor Analysis

First of all, you should consider both customer and business views of competitiveness before starting your analysis. Find similar accounts and begin analyzing their pages. Instagram offers different tools to understand how popular and effective an account is. Take into account the likes of the posts, how many times these posts have been shared and saved. The amount of followers is important as well. Calculate the average percentage of views of the page in comparison with its followers. Some online tools will do the whole job for you. Feel free to use them.


Never underestimate the importance of using hashtags. Hashtags make your posts more available. Thousands of Instagram users look for different products or services by using hashtags. These hashtags are very similar to keywords. Hashtags you use to give you the possibilities to be discovered. Instagram lets you use 30 hashtags under each post. Nevertheless, it is not compulsory. Moreover, recently Instagram has updated its policy and gives more importance to post shares and saved publications.

Master Your Marketing Skills

To manage your business yourself you need to master your marketing skills. Many programs offer fundamental business knowledge, to achieve your goals. College admissions consulting services are a good option to guide you and clarify the doubts and uncertainties. It is always preferable to have a professional education in the area you want to succeed, thus, there is no time to waste.

Make Your Page Colorful

Once you have decided what your business is going to be about, start decorating your account. Use colors to make your page more attractive to visitors. Nevertheless, do not forget about the psychology of colors. Depending on what you are promoting you should use certain colors. There are many academic articles about the effect of colors on the human brain. These articles are sustained with reliable research and can help you with your choice of colors.

Communicate With Your Followers

You must consider that your followers are real people and engaging them in communication will help your business rise and prosper. Chat with your followers, answer their comments, create interactive stories. Instagram gives you a wide range of opportunities to create communicative stories and interact with other users of this virtual platform. You will be more attractive to your followers if they feel that you listen to them, read their messages, visit their accounts and if possible give them a “follow back”.


Instagram is full of different brand collaborations. These collaborations are becoming more and more popular and are increasing the number of followers in both accounts. Use this tip to promote your products. Sometimes these collaborations cost lots of inversions, nevertheless, with a good investigation, it can be the start of your business success. You can collaborate with the influencers or with the Instagram internal team as well.

Use Instagram Insights

Use Instagram insights to analyze your posts and discover what can be changed or improved. These insights may vary due to your antiquity. If you are new on Instagram wait at least a week before you start analyzing your posts’ activities. The insights you check and evaluate should be interpreted critically. If you are not critical of your posts you will not be able to make necessary changes. and advance.

Update The Account

Be constant in creating content on your page. Posts should be continual and regular. Your followers will not search for you constantly. You must reach to them, create and post content that will be a hook for your followers. Update your profile information and profile image. Always updated accounts look neat and gasp attention.

All these tips are possibilities for you to stand out from your competitors on the virtual platforms. Nevertheless, your success depends on the quality of what you offer. The quality is not only about the products you offer but also about the services. If you are selling something, offer a quick and high-quality delivery service, preferably free. Your customer service also tells a lot about your business. Cordial and considerate treatment with the client is your key to success. Get started now and never give up.